Michael McQuaid's Late Hour Boys

Michael McQuaid – sax, clarinet, trumpet
Jason Downes – clarinet, sax
Liam O'Connell – guitar, banjo
Mark Elton – bass, tuba
Ian Smith – drums, washboard, vocals

Michael McQuaid’s Late Hour Boys perform hot jazz with a distinctly Australian twist. Inspired by Aussie jazz pioneers like Ade Monsbourgh and Graeme Bell, they perform Australian original tunes as well as the classics of the 1920s and 30s.

The Late Hour Boys line-up creates the essentials of good jazz. Liam O’Connell’s swinging banjo lays down an irresistible pulse, while Mark Elton’s bass provides a rock solid foundation. Reedsman Jason Downes is one of the hottest young clarinettists in Australia, while impressive multi-instrumentalist Michael McQuaid is reminiscent of Aussie jazz greats such as Tom Baker and Ade Monsbourgh. Ian Smith is renowned as one of the greatest washboard players, and his driving drumming and sweet vocals always entertain.

Expect earthy blues numbers, fun swing tunes and red-hot driving numbers, all delivered with an Aussie accent!